New Orleans is probably my favorite land in Disneyland. Beautifully themed, every piece seems to bring the feeling you are in NOLA. Home of some of the most thematic rides at Disneyland (Pirates of the Carribean and Haunted Mansion), every piece oozes a story.

Imagineering Highlights!

  • Morse Code- In the train station of New Orleans Square you’ll here a telegraph going nuts. Its spelling out using morse code Walt Disney’s dedication of Disneyland
  • The People – Listen (especially over by the bathrooms) and you’ll hear the residents of New Orleans Square
  • The Music – New Orleans is not complete without music. This is one place in Disneyland where you can stop for a meal and listen to a band play at the French Market Restaurant.
  • Pirates – While Pirates of the Caribbean has a bunch of great theming, one of my favorite is possibly one of the least obvious. The intention of the chess board with the pirates died playing it was that they were in purpetual check. While that turns out to not be true (see Its still a fun fun thing to think about.
  • Hat Box Ghost – The hatbox ghost was one of the original ideas for the haunted mansion, but the original technical design wasn’t really convincing. As technology got better, they remade the ghost, and it can be found just outside the attic. Shows how new technology can breathe new life into old ideas.
  • Fire Flies bouncing up and down on the blue bayou at the beginning of the pirates ride. One of the simplest but most realistic effects. (And a future Imagineering at Home project)
  • A Real Skull can be found above the skeleton thats looking through the magnifying glass on Pirates. Creepy.
  • Club 33 – Club 33 can be found in New Orleans Square. Look for the 33 next to entrance to Blue Bayou. This is the Disney Membership club that costs thousands. Originally designed as Walts private club, it is one of the few places you can get alcohol in Disneyland.


  • Disneyland Railroad
  • Haunted Mansion
  • Pirates of the Caribbean