Buena vista street is created to represent Hollywood at the time Walt Disney arrived in the 20s. It’s the entrance in the park, and able to set the theme for the rest of the park. Here you will find restaurants, a VERY necessary Starbucks, and a great little ice cream palor.

Imagineering Highlights!

  • Julius Katz – Julius the Cat was Walt Disney’s first cartoon Chractor. Debuting in 1922, he showed up in the Alice cartoons.
  • Mortimer’s Market – Mortimer was Disney’s original name for Mickey Mouse. Lillian (Walt’s wife) didn’t like the name mortimer, and asked that it was changed to Mickey instead
  • Carthay Circle Theatre – This is where Snow White premiered. Recreated here, it helps to drive home when you are visiting Hollywood. Go inside and get a drink at the bar. You’ll be transported back in time.