Well, it looks like Disney got to announce some neat new things in this expansion of Disneyland. Whats clear is that nothing is clear. There apparently is a lot in the air, but looking at the concept art above there are a few things we do know:

  • It appears to be taking up the space of a couple parking lots, namely the Lilo & Stitch parking lots
  • It is the space to the west of both parks. If you look in the lower left of the picture, you’ll see Pixar Pier.
  • It seems to encompass the hotels, which means a lot. It means that this is most likely an add on to Downtown Disney, but this easily could be a
    • Park in itself
    • An expansion of both Disneyland, Downtown Disney, and California Adventure
    • An expansion of just Downtown Disney

So a lot to process here. The main goal of this announcement appears to get buy in from the city rather than really announcing anything. But exciting times!

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