Let me start this off by saying, I am in a High Risk group for coronavirus. There’s a high probability that if I got it, I would end up in the hospital. I also feel like Newsom has handled this pandemic pretty well, which is supported by the data. That being said, I feel pretty strongly that it’s now time to open Disneyland.


Let’s start by looking at number of cases and positivity of tests.

Largely the number of cases in California are fairly low, and the positive rate is fairly stable.


Disneyland employs 32,000 employees in the Anaheim Area (source) They have all been on furloughed since all this started. Thats a large segment of the working population in Anaheim. That doesn’t even count the large number of other people employed because of Disneyland in the Anaheim area. Hotels, restaurants, etc are all greatly effected by the shutdown.


There is obviously demand for people wanting to have some taste of normalcy during these times. People are lining up for hours just to get into the Disney store in Downtown Disney. There are demonstrations with people wanting it to open, as well as online petitions to open.


I think Disney has shown that they can open the parks safely. Mandatory masks, and social distancing allows for a safe experience.

With so much of the parks being outside, and a limited capacity, it allows Disney to open and bring some joy and magic to those who choose to do it. It’s also pretty minimal in spread since Orlando has opened.


Going to Disneyland during the pandemic is not for me. I would not feel safe doing so, and the risk factors for me are too high. That being said, I feel like it’s fairly safe to open (won’t increase spread beyond what is happening.) Masks, and social distancing will help to reduce the spread. It will get people back to work, and will help people feel better.

Let Disneyland Open.

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Post Author: David