As we’re going into month 5, I wanted to post about the things that I miss the most at Disneyland. We’re all excited for those times where we get to experience this again.

1. Walking through the gates

Let’s face it. This is probably the thing we all miss the most. Walking through the gates, hearing the little chime as you walk in, seeing the train go by. It’s the beginning of the day and it’s full of promise and fun. For those missing it. Go to this site: and go to the main gate part, click on main gate, and listen.

2. The Food

The food at Disneyland is just fun. They are not culinary classics, but there are some items which are so unique that they just take you there. Dole whip has a cult following, the candy canes are a legendary item. It’s pretty much indulgence central, and it’s fun.

3. The Theming

Imagineering everywhere. I love to just walk around and look at Disneyland like its a large art project. Paying attention to the small details and seeing something new every time. Thats the magic of Disneyland, seeing something new on something you’ve seen thousands of times.

4. People Watching

I love the Disney Bounders. Subtle costumes people come up with, but on top of that, it’s a joy to see all the people enjoying themselves and having fun. People are more willing to let their outside selfs just be more ridiculous and fun at Disneyland.

5. The Smells

Pirates of the Caribbean, Jungle Cruise, Haunted Mansion, the Bakery, all have particular smells that take me back.

What do you miss?

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