One of the most unique attractions at Disneyland is the Haunted mansion. When discussing Imagineering, the Haunted Mansion has to be talked about and looked at in depth. In a future article, I will go in depth, but today I thought I would go more into one of the most interesting things about the Haunted Mansion, the fact it shows up in almost every Disney Park (noticeably missing from Disneyland Shanghai), and its not the same at any of them.


This is the reference point for all Haunted Mansions, since it’s the first. A number of effects here were created just to be practical. The Stretching room for example was a way to move people from the first floor down below so they could move to where the ride actually takes place.

Unique Elements

  • Hatbox Ghost. While recently added, I haven’t seen this one anywhere else in the world.
  • I find the attic scene super creepy. Great effects, and adds to the story.

Disney World: Magic Kingdom

This is the version of the Haunted Mansion that most closely resembles the Disneyland version. One of the main differences here is that this one feels like it tries to get you on the ride as quickly as possible. You pass by the paintings in the omni mover for example, and you pass by the bride at the end while still in the vehicle.

Unique Elements:

  • The line in this one is great, interactive, and just fun to go through
  • MC Escher room (at 5:30 in the video)

Disneyland Paris: The Phantom Manor

Phantom manor is a really interesting ride. It maintains a lot of the original elements of the haunted mansion, but adds a lot to it. I think so far this one is my favorite, largely because it’s a unique take on the original, rather than a totally new ride. The effects are great, and they really add a level of creep. You actually meet the “Ghost Host”, a super creepy character who laughs throughout the ride.

Unique Elements:

  • Addition of a Ghost Host
  • Different (and frankly creepier) paintings in the stretching room.
  • Bride can be seen throughout the ride, which helps to tie together the story
  • A whole “old west” part thats just great, its like you go underground with the coffins. Great scene.

Disneyland Hong Kong: Mystic Manor

This is a great ride. Its BARELY the haunted mansion, which is why it doesn’t take my personal top stop. Its a really unique ride, thats amazing on its own, and its often stated as people’s favorite attraction in the whole world.

Unique Elements:

  • Trackless Ride
  • Own story about a cheeky monkey who causes the elements in the manor to come to life
  • Just watch the video, its so different, its hard to nail down one element.

Tokyo Disneyland

While very similar to the Disneyland version, I find this to be a mediocre copy of it. Every piece is pretty much just the Disneyland version, but its missing some elements.

Unique Elements:

  • The graveyard scene effects are great, I find that they ghosts look more like ghosts
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