Father’s day is coming up fast on June 21st. With shipping being insane right now, I would HIGHLY recommend shopping NOW.

As a Disney Dad, I can say that I LOVE to get Disney gifts. It’s a rare thing though, because it feels like a lot of Disney items are not aimed at Dads. Often times it’s too over the top, or just non existent. Even the ShopDisney father’s day guide is pretty bad. I’ve waded through the garbage, to try to give you highlights.

When buying gifts, I try to aim for the things that people would want, but wouldn’t buy for themselves.

D23 Subscription

This is one of those things that gives over time. This is something that a lot of people wouldn’t buy themselves, but it is fun to get the package in the mail and to feel like you’re part of something.

Cost: $99.99 a year

Mickey Wallet

This is just a cute wallet. While a little over the top, Its fun to bring this out and show some Disney pride whenever you buy something. Its subtile largely because its mostly hidden most of the time!

Cost: $15.95

Maps of the Disney Parks

What Dad doesn’t love maps. This is a fun book to look through. Containing all the maps of all the Disney Parks, it showcases the differences between the parks, while bringing them together with consistent styling. A great Imagineering tool, you can see how the print fits into the rest.

Cost: $23.49

Disney Socks

Dad’s need socks. It’s such a traditional Father’s Day present that it’s almost cliché’ but they are useful. Men’s clothes tend to not have a lot of ways for a guy to express himself, but socks are an exception. Here are some fun ones that stood out to me.

Nightmare Before Christmas

Lion King

Duck Tales! (My Favorite)

Mickey Mouse

Cost: $8.99-$14.99

Mickey Watch

A Mickey watch is one of the most traditional ways to wear Mickey everywhere. Every time I look at my watch with Mickey on it, it brings a smile to my face. This is an area where there is a WIDE price difference, and the difference between the quality of materials used.

Invicta Men’s Disney Limited Edition Quartz Watch $89.95

Citizen Watches Men’s Mickey Mouse $260.55

Citizen Watches Men’s Mickey Mouse $222.00

Citizen Watches Men’s Avengers $194.68

DISNEY Men’s Mickey Mouse Analog-Quartz $29.33

Mickey Luggage

I love to see my Mickey Luggage come down the conveyor on my way to Disneyland or Disney World. Makes every trip feel like a Disney trip.

Cost: $103.79

Pizza Planet T-Shirt

I love this shirt. Subtly Disney, but for those in the know, they always get a smile on their face. A nod to the Toy Story franchise, its a great looking shirt.

Mandalorian Hat

I love how this just looks like a design, but is really a Star Wars reference. While not STRICKLY Disney, Dads will love wearing this to the parks, and keeping shady.

LEGO Star Wars Boost Droid Commander

I love to put together legos, and they are a great melding of Art/Engineering. This is a fun set for Dads to do with the kids. For more sets, see my post about Disney Legos.

The Imagineering Field Guide

I LOVE this book. One of the few guides for Disneyland I’ve ready cover to cover. This guidebook gives great insight into those little details that make Disney Parks Special. There’s a couple available for all the Disney Parks.

The Imagineering Field Guide to Disneyland

The Imagineering Field Guide to Disney California Adventure

The Classic Mickey T-Shirt

The Dad Uniform for Disney Parks, this shirt is a classic for a reason. These shirts are comfortable, and paired with some cargo shorts, you’ll be another dad in the crowd.

Chewbacca Messenger Bag

Everyone needs a place to take their laptops places. I know I use my messenger bag a ton, and having a Disney/Star Wars inspired one would be even better.

The Imagineering Way

In The Imagineering Way, the Imagineers reveal the secrets to creating an environment that fosters explosive creativity, with clear examples of how to adapt the most creative thinking in the world to your home and work life. The difference between the Imagineers and the rest of the world is that the Imagineers assume they can do what they dream.

Cost: $13.37

Lost Boys Shirt

This is a great shirt. Its so subtle that you won’t even know its a Disney shirt. Referencing the Lost Boys from Disney’s Peter Pan, this shirt is for the dad who will never grow up.

Imagineer’s Toolkit: Raspberry Pi

This is one of the most useful tools you’ll have in your tool belt as a maker. Its really easy and fast to make a quick computer that can control different things, take input, etc. For an aspiring Imagineer, this is a necessity.

Cost: $99.99 (There is a Pi only version for $49.99, but this one has a bunch of accessories that are actually useful)

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